Three Videos for Three Days

Whew! Last week, I spent time in Amsterdam at Global Equity Organization’s International Conference. We wanted post videos of the conference on YouTube to stay in touch with the organization’s membership, so we made quick one-minute(ish) recaps of each day. A glance at the stats show that they are running hot with the viewers, compared to videos on YouTube of similar length.

We also blogged and published them elsewhere in the social media stratosphere, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Given the time constraints, the format is manageable, shooting by day and editing by night. In the end, the organization’s membership base appreciated the attention and effort—especially those who attended, as it helps to round out their experience of an already well-produced event.

I like to call this “guerilla video.” We get in, grab footage where we can, and get out, then edit and upload quick pieces for easy consumption. In addition to the three above, we have enough raw footage to make at least two more videos.

This is a way to keep you customer-base engaged. Already, we are evaluating how to better use our time to get content-rich footage and produce more engaging pieces for the upcoming event in September. That should be a blast.