Speaking to the Passion of Your Work in B2B

A friend passed along this video from luxury audio-video solutions provider Bang & Olufsen’s website. Tonmeister Geoff Martin shares his affinity with his profession inside a large cave, as an heightened example of listening to your surroundings in everyday life.

I like this campaign because it puts a thoughtful, driven, and human personality on B&O. The video evokes the feeling that they’re not just about selling expensive sound systems. In fact, the message accurately reflects the company vision of having the “courage to constantly question the ordinary in search of surprising, long-lasting experiences.” Where better to demonstrate that sense of wonder than from inside a deep, dark echoing cavern? I’ll restrain myself from drawing metaphors the limitlessness of our own passions and imagination, except to say that whether it was intended, that metaphor exists here—as well as an opportunity.

Seeing the Real You

Examples like this are easy to find in the B2C market, because they work. With the advent of social media, consumers buy more than just the product. They buy the companies as well, and with each interaction on the web, each demonstration of passion, commitment, and values inline with their own, comes the customer’s loyalty and the prospect’s curiosity.

B2B organizations have access to these same channels, and it has become imperative to use them, because your client base is looking for those same characteristics in their business relationships. They are looking for what’s real in you. Show them what makes you passionate for your work, and they’ll find it easier and more encouraging to connect with you, over and over again.