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the spirit of your business.

With the finished piece in hand, Ferrer Creative can help you get the most out of your web strategy.

Establish a web strategy to include key distribution points

  • Company site
  • Social media channels
  • Trade shows
  • Displays
  • News outlets
  • Intranet

Develop content for the web campaign

  • Develop messages that support, complement, build off video.
  • Keep your organization speaking with one voice and staying on message.
  • Connect your video’s strategy with your sales channels.

Create and maintain momentum upon launch

  • Develop a schedule, beginning with the launch of your video.
  • Attach targets and goals to the messages.
  • Use analytics to help determine effectiveness content and placement of the messages.
  • Establish long-term action plan for the future, in line with the next video campaign.

Website development

Website development services are also available for clients looking to create or update their web presence. Design services include:

  • Consultation in structuring site map to suit your business needs
  • Contemporary, dynamic design based on available templates
  • Easy-to-use content management system by WordPress
  • Blogging, photo gallery, portfolio, and event component
  • Orientation and training for WordPress
  • Introduction to Google Analytics

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