Event Videos Keep Businesses Connected to Clients

January is usually a good time to put together a year in review, but I found last month to be busier than I expected, with a visit to Denmark, visiting friends and producing some social media content for managing group development consulting firm, Carlsen&E. The result is a 1:30 video retrospect on their event of 40 business people, learning about a collaboration methodology and how openness impact a team’s performance. I enjoy making event videos for B2B organizations, because I believe they accomplish what they set out to do: Continue the connection between you and your people.

A week after their event, Carlsen&E sent an email to their +3K mailing list with a link of the video, embedded on their website and available via their YouTube channel. The video received over 40 views on the first day, and 188 in the past three weeks. Thanks to social media and e-newsletters, businesses can easily reach out to their clients and prospects, and event videos can help remind participants not only of their experience, but also key learnings from the day. They give would-be attendees a chance to see the value of what they missed. And now, the video is a permanent marketing tool, easily accessible and available to potential clients who want to get an impression of who Carlsen&E are. Event videos keep the conversation going and serve as part of a company’s marketing strategy, using social media effectively to attract new business and retain its client base.