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the core of your story.

Expectations on what to expect from prep to post.


Prep includes initial meeting with the client to discuss the breath and depth of the project. It’s our opportunity together to establish clear goals of what we want the video to accomplish. Depending on the type of project, we’ll develop a concept, scope of interviews, and prepare for location or studio production. 


The Shoot

Recording sessions generally take four to eight hours at a time. Here are few things to keep in mind:


      • Events are often fun and active environments. Make clear beforehand what absolutely must be recorded.
      • Let participants know as early as possible that the event will be recorded. When possible include a statement on the registration form, or make an announcement.
      • Ensure full access for the shooting crew.


      • Set-up takes about an hour.
      • When on location, ambient noise can be good, since it lends to the energy of the environment. However, places where there is occasional noise or conversation often becomes a distraction when picked up by the mics.
      • Lights are warm, so dress comfortably.
      • Consider using make-up, if only to keep the shine off your forehead.


      • Outdoor events and interviews tend to look best on cloudy days, or at sunrise or sunset, when natural light is even and not harsh.
      • Avoid times and areas where intervewees and other people have to squint to see.
      • Lighting for indoor interviews can easily be controlled, but events are another matter. Make sure speakers on stage or at a podium are well lit.



After recording, it’s time to edit together the pictures and sound.  We work to find the right tone of music that will reinforce the energy behind the video. Note, popular music are subject to license agreement, even if you don’t plan to publish your video on the web or social media sites. Don’t fret, there are some affordable and decent music beds available through royalty-free resources. Nowadays, timeliness of a video launch is imperative. Once all the pieces are gathered, it’s our goal to put together a great piece that is ready for launch ASAP.


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