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My Vision

If there’s one thing worth showing about a company, a team, a leader, a person, it’s sincerity. You can call it authenticity, honesty, or candor. You can write about openness, truth, and having integrity, but I try to find ways to uncover it in people, capture it on video and show to your viewers the world you work in.

Among the bullets points of features and benefits that promote your product and service, I’ve found there are often moments of laughter, sparks of energy, quick shifts in posture, and words spoken through a smile that say, “This is the fire in my belly.”

I love that. Because in those moments of sincerity, I think, there lies the passion behind why we do what we do. That passion. That’s infectious. And people get it.

Robert Ferrer

I’ve had 29 years of experience in B2B environments, working in full-service inhouse design and marketing departments, in the area of event marketing, advertising, and various video and design capacities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, based in the Copenhagen area, with a worldwide reach, I’ve helped people bring a thoughtful process to attaining their goals.

Past and Current Clients

  • Always a Choice BV
  • Brødrene A&O Johansen A/S
  • Business Consultants, Inc.
  • Carlsen&E
  • CoreCode International AB
  • DSV
  • Global Equity Organization
  • Global Shares
  • Haldor Topsøe A/S
  • LEAD A/S
  • Maersk Maritime Technology
  • Manman
  • one:life
  • Sjaak Kolvenbach Organisatieadvies
  • Summit Consulting A/S


Our projects have involved several hours of recording interviews and daylong events, as well as a need for quick outcome. Robert Ferrer not only delivered within tight schedules and adapted to changes, he also captured the spirit of the projects and produced them into videos all well-received by their intended audiences.
Trine Arlyng, Project Associate, Corporate Strategy & Values implementation, Haldor Topsøe A/S
Robert Ferrer has produced a video that tells the story of how my book was launched in Denmark. Robert has delivered a perfect and very professional result that both conveys the atmosphere and the essence of the event. I can highly recommend Robert Ferrers work.
Susanne Rubæk, author of Gearet til innovation, consultant, one:life

Robert just happened to be there when we needed him – and our clients confirm that the result was very impressive. Not only did Ferrer Creative produce an engaging video, we also got very competent and professional support on ways of using this video for marketing purposes. On top of that we find Robert very pleasant to work with. We will certainly use Ferrer Creative again and strongly recommend their services.

Jens Carlsen, Wise President at Carlsen&E, LHEP

In my role as Marketing Manager at AO Johansen, I hired Robert to do a video on one of our store openings. The result was awesome, and the C-level guys smiled and watched the video again and again.

It is my experience, that Rob can deliver on time, on budget – and at a attractive price level. So I can recommend him to everyone in the market for his knowledge and services.

Søren Thingholm Jensen, Account Director at Valtech Danmark
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